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Getting Started

The main target of Dynamics Tutorial is to help students of engineering dynamics to improve their understanding and problem solving skills using the simplest methods in the shortest time.

Each topic contains a lesson to explain all the necessary principles with examples, solved problems and diverse types of practice activities, as a way to enhance the learning experience of students.

The students also can benefit from the social learning experience by using the discussion rooms to ask questions, answer others’ questions and share documents as well.

Dynamics Tutorial is a whole educational platform for engineering dynamics, with simple explanations from a reputed professor who taught engineering dynamics for more than 20 years. So basically, you are getting the highest quality education that matches the best universities in the world.
Anyone who is taking engineering dynamics (also called engineering mechanics-dynamics, or kinematics and dynamics) is welcome to join us. However, this course will still help you out if you want to study for Physics (Newton’s Laws and mechanics) or need a refresher for a more advanced course, such as mechanical vibrations.

Account & Profile

If you’re already logged in, you can change your password from your account settings page. If you forget your password, you can reset it using “Forget your password?” link, then you’ll get an email to change your password.
Sorry to see you going, from the dropdown menu select “delete my account”, that’s all.
Directly from your profile settings page.


Sure, using our free membership you can test the course content by accessing to sample lessons and solutions.
Full access to all the lessons, along with their solved problems and practices.  Plus, you will be able to access to the discussion rooms and get the benefit of a unique social learning environment.
Please contact us directly at support@dynamicstutprial.com and we’ll be more than happy to solve this issue in no time.

Emails & Invitations

You can access your account settings, and change your email preferences.
Absolutely! You can invite your colleagues to Dynamics Tutorial, and to your groups also in the discussion rooms. Just click on your name in the upper right menu, then go to “email invites” to send an email invitation to any person who might be interested in engineering dynamics.

Discussion rooms

Click on “Discussion Rooms” in the menu, and then find a group that you will be interested in to join its ongoing discussion. You can also start your own group with your classmates, college mates, or even start a new public group discussion about a specific topic, and wait for answer from other members who are interested in your topic.


Absolutely. The main idea of this whole website is to make you learn dynamics from scratch in the best possible way and within the shortest time.
The course covers particle and rigid body dynamics as covered in most reputable text books, such as the books by Hibbeler, Bear&Johnston, and Meriam el.
No … only such and such … the website will be updated frequently to add more content.
Once you register, you can start the course directly.
Not at all, we have no deadlines to “start” or “complete” the course. You can access the course any time you want, just make sure you membership is valid. However, if you want to digest the course material and become significantly better, you should use the material over the length of one semester. Even if you found out about this website after your college course have already started, our optimized content will make you catch up everything back in a very short time. Just watch the videos, do the exercises, and you’re all set to stay up to date with your course material.
We don’t have an assessment method to know how good you became in dynamics after completing the course. However, if you provide us with your official college grade in dynamics, we’ll be more than happy to provide you with a certificate of success and appreciation. Remember that, all what matters to us, is you getting a good grade.
Make sure your browser is updated. If you still facing the same problem, please contact us.

If there’s anything at all that you’re not certain about, anything we haven’t made clear; any concerns or questions then please feel free to contact us at support@dynamicstutorial.com and we’ll help you out.