About Us

During the last two decades, I’ve had the honor of teaching various engineering subjects to thousands of engineering students. It takes years of trials and errors to come up with a teaching methodology that optimizes the student’s learning process. In addition, the rapidly changing e-learning technology has enriched the research and the analytics on interactive instructional design.

Furthermore, the new era of pandemics has made quality online learning an absolute necessity that needs to be professionally addressed to make a positive change in the student’s life.

This work would never come to life without my beautiful team, who helped me with every aspect of the development process, from simple equations and diagrams to professional video editing. I can’t really thank them enough for what they did, and what they are doing every day.

I am certain that what you’ll see here can never be found anywhere on the worldwide web. However, I always love to learn from my students, and your opinion always matter to me. 

So ? Go discover and enjoy the options that we have for you. We are positive that we’ll match your highest expectations !!